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About us

We are Factory and Trading company beginning in 2010 in XIA MEN,CHINA ,our products suit for below ranges :

● Home Decoration / Souvenirs / Promotion Gifts / Kitchen gadgets

● Tableware / Garden Decoration / Sculture Statues

If you looking for other products Made In China ,please contact us for sourcing them,contact now alvin@smartlink.cc

Compare with other China supplier we have more competative price,quick email response within 24hours,fast delivery(10-30days),fast sample finished upon your request(7-10 days),inspection quality controled,we can help you find  more potential market benefit both of us.

Our Values :Enjoy our cooperation following with our each project



Contact: Alvin

Phone: 0086-13860154663

Tel: 0086-592-5682187

Email: alvin@smartlink.cc

Add: Room 207,DaShun E-Commerce Building,Tong'An District,XIAMEN city,FuJian ,P.R.China

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